Benefits of Organic Whole Food Vitamins

Benefits of Organic Whole Food Vitamins

Much of the food in the supermarkets today does not resemble the foods our forefathers grew. Bread is filled with preservatives; cereals lack nutrition because of chemicals used in conventional farming methods. Most processed foods are loaded with sugar and lack nutritional value, contributing to immune system disorders and obesity — the number one health condition in our world.

Simply, adults and children often don’t get enough vital essential nutrients. Even if we are committed to a healthy lifestyle, it is a struggle to ingest the amount of vegetables, fruits, fibre, and protein necessary to provide our bodies with maximum nutrition.

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Whole food means it comes from a real plant and has been processed or refined as little as possible, free from additives, synthetic or artificial ingredients. Whole foods that are Certified Organic under the United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (USDA NOP) and/or the Canada Organic Regime (COR) are required to be produced without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). GMOs can contain unnaturally altered components, antibiotics, toxic chemicals and pesticides, artificial preservatives and more. When able, choose Certified Organic!


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Learn about the levels of certification for foods and vitamins and the difference between Natural, Organic and Certified Organic labels: Nothing But Certified Organic.


Organic vs. Conventional Farming


Our soil is stripped of its nutritional value due to conventional farming methods. Fields are depleted of nutrients by overuse, and repeated planting in the same fields without rotation causes the soil not to renew itself. Plants grown in depleted soil do not have the nutritional value of organic plants. To the contrary, organic farming regulators assure us that farmlands are chemical-free, rotation practices are in place, and cover crops are used to increase nutrients into the soil.



Conventional farmers try to combat pest control by adding chemical pesticides and fertilizers, some of which can be toxic, but end up harming produce. Toxic chemical pesticides (TCP) limit the action of beneficial microbes in the soil that help plants draw in nutrients. TCP fertilizers focus on certain key chemicals and don’t consider all the trace minerals, organic components, or beneficial microbes that go into good nutrition.

No TCP pesticides or herbicides are permitted with organic farming. A study in the Journal of Chemistry reported that organic foods have 50% more nutrients compared to conventionally grown foods. TCP pesticides and herbicides in conventionally grown foods prevent plants from developing polyphenols, which give plant foods their nutritional value. When a plant is attacked by insects, it produces polyphenols to fend off insects. TCP pesticides and herbicides produce beautiful produce, but since they do not have to protect themselves, they don’t produce as many polyphenols. Since conventional foods have fewer nutrients, we need to boost our system with more vitamins and minerals. Your body thinks it is eating food, but it can’t recognize or absorb the nutrients as well, so it remains ‘hungry.’

A study done by The Permanente Journal shows that a whole food and plant-based diet can promote cardiovascular health, while a study in Nutritional Diabetes concluded that eating whole foods helped people manage their weight and improve their BMI and cholesterol levels. These are two good reasons to consider switching to a whole food multi-vitamin and supplements (and eating whole foods in general).

Why put chemicals in your body if you are trying to be healthy and save our planet? Synthetic vitamins are made from chemicals to mimic the natural way your body absorbs nutrients from food. Synthetic vitamins are difficult for your body to absorb and can even cause health issues. Ascorbic acid, synthetic vitamin C, often comes from GMO corn syrup. People complain that synthetic vitamin C hurts their stomach because it does not contain the natural bioflavonoids (buffers) from real fruit.

Organic Whole Food Vitamins


Eating organic whole foods, as nature intended, ensures you get micronutrients, trace minerals, fibre, and other natural goodness from your diet. However, it can be a full-time job to eat perfectly balanced meals. Therefore, carefully selected vitamins and supplements can help close the nutrition gap.


If able, organic whole food vitamins and supplements are the way to go, but it is important to remember that you should not expect that the multis will be enough to eat alone. You should eat whole food with whole food vitamins to make sure you are ingesting all the micronutrients daily.

If you want to save the earth, your children and our future, eat whole food and organic products! I just saw some videos of Mars. It has no vegetation and resembles a desert. I cannot understand why anyone would want to go there when we have such beauty all around us. We just have to look after it, or we may look like Mars one day!


Benefits of Organic Whole Food Vitamins:


  • Organic whole food vitamins are made from condensed and concentrated fruits and vegetables to provide natural vitamins for your body, leading to more bioavailability and absorption compared to conventional foods and synthetic vitamins. Therefore, you require less organic whole food and vitamins to obtain the same amount of nutrients.
  • Organic whole food vitamins do not contain fillers such as magnesium stearate and chemical preservatives, which make up a considerable amount of the capsule or tablet weight and provide no nutrition or added benefit.
  • There are complaints that organic whole food vitamins are more expensive. If you removed the fillers, binders and preservatives from conventional synthetic vitamins, you would realize that you are paying far more for less nutrition.
  • The skin of fruits and vegetables is where most nutrients are stored. Whole food vitamins usually include these in the supplements.


Nova Scotia Organics Vitamins and Supplements


I started Nova Scotia Organics in 1993 because I believed that dietary supplements on the store shelves lacked quality. At this time, the natural products industry was in its infancy. The boomers were starting to realize that they were ‘aging’ and now was time to look after ourselves. New’ natural’ products were coming on the market at an unbelievable pace, which gave rise to distributors using misleading or deceptive messaging, becoming purveyors of ‘healthy’ products. That was the power of marketing. I remember thinking, “why would anyone take these chemically-laden products and think they would help them get healthy?”


My sister was a Physiotherapist who also had her Master’s in Anatomy. She knew what was happening and asked me to manufacture herbal products to assure her patients were getting products that ‘worked.’ It was not an easy project. I realized from the start I had to use Certified Organic ingredients with no chemicals because I felt strongly that the world was going in the wrong direction with chemical herbicides and pesticides, chemical vitamins, preservatives and fillers! If you read an ingredient list on a label, you could not pronounce most of them.


It took me many years of research to finally have a full line of Certified Organic products containing organic whole food herbs, vitamins and minerals, without the use of GMOs, chemical pesticides and herbicides, or fillers. It has not been and still is not easy, but that is our organic difference. We need to eliminate chemicals because they are destroying our earth, our children and our future. Our earth is beautiful; we need to respect what has been given to us.


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Nancy Smithers | President and founder of Nova Scotia Organics. With over 25 years of experience, Nancy has an encyclopedic knowledge of organics, plants, and herbs. Her greatest wish is for you to reach your health and wellness goals.