Our Story


Nancy Smithers

As a seventh-generation Nova Scotian, Nancy Smithers has had a lifelong love affair with herbs and the wild medicinal flora of her Canadian province. Nancy began her journey in natural medicine by combing the wild terrain of Nova Scotia for local medicinal herbs and crafting these into tinctures in her kitchen.

From that modest beginning, Nancy created Nova Scotia Organics, one of the most the distinguished companies in the organic vitamin and supplement market today. She grew out of her kitchen table operation into a 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility, certified to produce the highest quality and purest organic vitamins, minerals, supplements, and snack foods possible. “Organic” is no marketing buzzword at Nova Scotia Organics. It’s a cornerstone of Nancy’s philosophy and manufacturing process.

With over 25 years of experience, Nancy has an encyclopedic knowledge of organics, plants, and herbs. Her greatest wish is for you to reach your health and wellness goals. Nova Scotia Organics provides the best organic supplements without any of the fillers, preservatives, or chemicals to help you do so.

Nancy’s Honours & Awards
  • Honorary Doctorate of Civil Laws from St. Mary’s University
  • Premier’s Commendation recognizing leadership in Quality Management Practice
  • Nova Scotia Women of Excellence Award
  • Lifetime Organics Achievement Award from the Canadian Health Food Association
Our proof is in the research

Nova Scotia Organics has worked with:
•  The National Research Council of Canada
•  Dalhousie University
•  P.E.I. Food Technology Center
•  Agriculture Canada
•  Acadia University
•  University of British Columbia
•  And many others

How It All Started


The Farm

Nestled on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, about 15 miles outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, is the 300-acre farm we’ve called home since the mid-1990s. The Nova Scotia Organics property is dotted with weathered barn buildings—some more than 150 years old—that have been restored, modernized, preserved, and expanded over the years. Today, the farm is also home to a modern, 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility kept cool and ventilated most of the year by crisp ocean breezes. It’s here that we process ingredients imported from trusted organic growers all over the world.

Although rooted in the traditions of local seaside farms, Nova Scotia Organics is more factory than farm. Inside the rustic, white-shuttered exteriors, you’ll find a sophisticated manufacturing operation. We adhere strictly to Good Manufacturing Practice policies consistent with those required to manufacture Certified Organic products in all forms, including powders, caplets, tablets, chewables, and simple freeze-dried, whole-food fruit snacks.


Our core belief is that nature is the original pharmacy. We identify, source, and formulate ingredients with preventative health properties to manufacture organic vitamins and supplements that support your health and wellbeing. Nova Scotia Organics sources over 100 different organic ingredients from countries all over the world as far away as Peru and as close to home as our own Canadian backyard. We’ve built long-standing relationships with the best organic growers worldwide, ensuring Nova Scotia Organics is among the first in line to receive the finest crops.

Every single product offered by Nova Scotia Organics is Certified Organic. This ensures that only the growing and processing methods that help protect the health of people, animals, farmers, the soil of our planet and the purity of our water supply are used. Our products contain no: hormones, antibiotics, steroids, chemical or waste product fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, magnesium stearates, fillers, irradiation, or GMOs. We adhere strictly to good manufacturing practices required to manufacture USDA, COR, JAS, and EU certified organic products. Our facility is regularly inspected by ECOCERT, an independent third-party certifier.

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Our mission is to help you take control of your health and wellness goals. We know you want to protect your health and that of your family to ensure you live long, active lives.



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