organic vitamins and minerals supplements

Our Meticulous Process

Nova Scotia Organics is the culmination of over 25 years dedicated to identifying, sourcing, and combining whole organic ingredients with preventative health properties into products that naturally support your health and wellbeing. Our organic supplements and vitamins are meticulously manufactured and we have created one of the only full lines of USDA Certified Organic vitamins and supplements on the market. This feat requires relentless quality standards and practices, before, during, and after the manufacturing process.


Partnering with food scientists and product development staff, Founder and President Nancy Smithers leads a process that identifies specific formulations to deliver desired health outcomes. We believe nature is the original pharmacy, and when creating a new solution, we look to nature first and foremost.

Organic supplements start with organic ingredients. Nova Scotia Organics sources over 100 different ingredients from countries as far away as Peru, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Germany, India, Chile, and Brazil, and as close to home as California and our own Canadian backyard. We’ve built decades-long relationships with the best organic growers worldwide, ensuring Nova Scotia Organics is among the first in line to receive the finest crops.

When the raw ingredients arrive at our facility, they are carefully logged and set aside in quarantine. Despite all ingredients having Certificates of Organic Authenticity and Certificates of Analysis from the growers, we test everything for purity before it enters our temperature- and humidity-controlled storerooms.

organic vitamins and supplements

While each product’s formulation is unique, our meticulous manufacturing process is the same. Whether we’re making organic vitamin C for kids or an echinacea tincture, each ingredient is carefully weighed, logged, and recorded. Then, depending on the type of plant material, it may be ground, freeze-dried, or have its medicinal properties gently extracted in our low-temperature extraction machines.

Then the ingredients are freeze-dried into whole fruit pieces, or mixed and granulated together in just the right measurements to create caplets, tablets, chewables, extracts, or loose ready-to-mix powders. The formulation of our organic supplements is based on what research tells us will best preserve the nutritional properties of the raw ingredients. Because we never use synthetic fillers, we use tiny amounts of organic binders such as Acacia Gum or Jerusalem Artichoke to help especially dry ingredients hold together.

organic vitamins and supplements

Once each formulation has been prepared, we hire an independent lab to test our products to ensure the recommended dose has exactly the nutritional information our label says it does. If it doesn’t, we start over.

organic vitamins and minerals supplements

What’s In

Organic ingredients from fruits, grains, grasses, vegetables, seeds, algae, fungi, herbs, and other plants.

What’s Out

 Hormones, antibiotics, steroids, chemical or waste product fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, magnesium stearates, fillers, irradiation, and GMOs.

Don’t just take our word for it.

A range of third-party entities license, certify, and approve our organic products, processes, and facilities.
The USDA certifying agency, Ecocert, inspects our facility regularly. Nova Scotia Organics adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices and has been awarded a Health Canada site license to manufacture natural health products.