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Snack breaks.
Now available in guilt-free.

Freeze-dried, nutrient-intact fruit snacks,

and the best low calorie berry smoothie.

Quick, put down that bag of chips. And that candy bar or sugar-filled “power bar”. Our line of USDA Certified Organic snacks and smoothies offers a delectable, yet healthy way to snack. Better grab a few for your kids’ lunches and maybe some for your own mid-afternoon slumps.

Here’s what’s good to know about our snacks: we freeze-dry our fruit—no rubbery dehydrating here—to preserve more nutrition. This process intensifies their natural sweetness and makes them even a bit crunchy. (Now you can tell your friends you know about the three-step Lyophilization process. Okay, maybe not. But we get excited about it.) Kids love these healthy snack options and we’re not above stashing a few in our own tote bags, cars, and desk drawers, too.

Snack Foods & Smoothies

Freeze-dried or dehydrated?

Hint: It’s about removing moisture but leaving most nutrients intact. Freeze-drying removes water and weight. Dehydrating leaves fruit hard or rubbery, with fewer nutrients remaining and more prone to mold without preservatives. (Guess how we do it?)

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Snack Foods & Smoothies

Behold the power of blueberries.

Blueberries aren't just tasty, cute and, yes, blue, they're also a surprisingly concentrated source of plant-based antioxidants. And they’re in our low calorie BerrySlim Smoothie Mix.

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