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NSO by the Numbers

Situated on Canada’s picturesque East Coast, Nova Scotia Organics is committed to providing its clients with only the most densely nourishing natural health products.

Perhaps you’re wondering about the facility these natural health products are made in. We’ve put together a by the numbers look at the Nova Scotia Organics farm, so you can get an insider look at where your vitamins and supplements are coming from.


12 Organic Plant Sources To Improve Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and the second leading cause of death in Canada. While genetics and a family history of heart disease play a part, most of the risk factors involved are preventable, such as smoking, being overweight, having high blood pressure, and consuming an unhealthy diet. Fortunately, Planet Earth also provides plants that can help maintain and improve heart health that we include in many of our natural organic vitamins and supplements. Here are 12 plants that promote heart health:

Six Reasons All Calories Are Not Created Equal in a Healthy Diet

all-calories-are-not equal.jpg

When it comes to losing weight, the list of options seems to be endless—Atkins, Whole30, Paleo, and Ketogenic are just a few of the more popular diets today. Back in the 90s, low fat was all the rage, and now people seem to worry more about carbs and sugars than fats. But ask many diet skeptics, and they will tell you that “a calorie is a calorie, and you just need to worry about calories in versus calories out.”

Fight the "Man Cold" with Organic Vitamins and Supplements

man-cold-natural-wellness.jpgFlu season is in full swing in both Canada and the United States, with hundreds of thousands of people expected to get sick this winter. And every cold and flu season brings the same debate: Do men seem to experience stronger symptoms of the flu compared to women? Or are women more resilient and able to deal with their symptoms more easily?

New Year, New Stress

There’s been a lot of talk about not making resolutions this year. Instead, we’re hearing about making goals and setting intentions. Whatever you want to call it, the outpouring of self-improvement status updates on social media can be crushing, especially if come February, you still haven’t scratched the surface of your list.

Last-Minute Healthy Holiday Treats!

The holidays can be the "most wonderful time of the year," but they can also be the busiest and most stressful, and often the temptations of holiday treats can be too much to resist. We’ve given a couple of our favorite healthy snacks a healthy twist. Give them a try and let us know what you think!


Do You Need to Avoid Gluten? Probably Not.

Like fat in the 1990s, gluten has become the latest offender in our diets, with many people believing that gluten consumption is the source of any digestive issues and the reason they can’t lose weight. But is gluten sensitivity as widespread as we think it is? And is it something we should all avoid? 

Today, we’ll be talking about gluten and how it affects people with Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.

Reducing Acid Reflux

Reducing Acid Reflux

Did you know the culprit for excess acid reflux often isn't stomach acid but a problem with the muscular sphincter that keeps the stomach contents inside the stomach?