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NSO by the Numbers

Situated on Canada’s picturesque East Coast, Nova Scotia Organics is committed to providing its clients with only the most densely nourishing natural health products.

Perhaps you’re wondering about the facility these natural health products are made in. We’ve put together a by the numbers look at the Nova Scotia Organics farm, so you can get an insider look at where your vitamins and supplements are coming from.



The number of square feet in our state-of-the art manufacturing facility. When our ingredients arrive, they are quarantined for testing to ensure their purity. They are then put in our temperature and humidity-controlled storerooms until they are ready to be used in production.


The number of seaside acres that Nova Scotia Organics calls home. We sit right on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, roughly 24km from Halifax, Nova Scotia. We’ve operated on this farm since the mid-1990s, housing many old barn buildings and, now, our modern manufacturing facility.


The average age of the sensitively restored antique farmhouses and barns on the farm. Since we’ve established our headquarters on the property, we have gently modernized, preserved, and expanded the weathered barn buildings that welcomed us here.


The number of organic ingredients used in our products and contained in our storerooms. Depending on the ingredient’s form, it may be ground, freeze-dried, or gently extracted for production. All our supplements and vitamins are created with research in mind, so the nutritional properties of each ingredient are preserved as wholly as possible.


The number of years we’ve been in business. As we continue to grow, we keep up with current growing practices and manufacturing processes, so we will always provide you with the healthiest, most natural products available.


The number of countries from which we source our USDA Certified Organic ingredients. From Peru, Brazil, and Chile to Sri Lanka, Germany, and India, Nova Scotia Organics has spent years – and in some cases, decades – developing long-standing relationships with the best growers worldwide. We are among the first in line to receive the finest crops for our products.

At Nova Scotia Organics, we are proud to provide you with non-GMO, USDA Certified Organic products to promote your overall health and wellness. If you have questions for us, you may find your answers here.

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