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Iron + Vitamin C

Iron + Vitamin C

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60 Caplets, 30 Day Supply

Iron and Vitamin C are both essential for the prevention of iron deficiency. Made from vegan plant based organic ingredients: Curry Leaf (Iron) & Acerola Cherry (Vitamin C), our Organic Iron + Vitamin C is a PERFECT marriage of essential ingredients, ideal for women of child bearing age.
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Who Knew? Studies demonstrate that Vitamin C when used in conjunction with an Iron supplement, have shown to increase the absorption of iron in the small intestine. Vitamin C helps in the conversion of plant based iron into it a form easily absorbed.
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Dig in a Little Deeper

Have you felt exhausted lately? Can you barely make it up the stairs without getting winded even though you are physically fit? If so, you might be lacking in iron -- especially if you are a woman.  Iron is an important component of hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to transport it throughout your body.

Deficiency in Iron can lead to fatigue (iron deficient anemia) and complications during pregnancy.  To prevent this problem, it is suggested that you monitor your intake of iron containing foods or to take a supplement. Iron is found in food in two forms, heme and non-heme iron. Heme iron, which makes up 40 percent of the iron in meat, poultry, and fish, is well absorbed. Non-heme iron, 60 percent of the iron in animal tissue and all the iron in plants (fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts) is less well absorbed.

Vitamin C is essential for the absorption of Iron. It helps to provide the ideal environment for Iron to be absorbed into the small intestine. It is a powerful enhancer of non-heme iron absorption and can reverse the inhibiting effect of such substances as tea and calcium/phosphate.

Our Iron + Vitamin C provides a Vegan friendly, plant source of Iron (from Curry Leaf) + Vitamin C (from Acerola Cherry), perfect for everyone.

It's your body. Run it well. TM

Dairy free
Gluten free
GMO free
Magnesium Stearate free
No Fillers
Peanut free
Soy free
Synthetics free
USDA Certified Organic
Whole Food
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Iron + Vitamin C


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