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Once you’ve gotten your daily dose of vitamins and minerals sorted out, it’s time to turn to specific areas where your wellness could be, well, weller. Only Nova Scotia Organics™ offers USDA Certified Organic supplements and solutions for so many systems in your body, and so many phases of your life.

Healthy heart, balanced cholesterol and blood pressure. Stronger hair, improved skin and healthier nails. Gentler aging, sound sleeping, improved mood and better stamina. Stronger bones, joints, immune systems and better digestion. Not only do we have the supportive solutions to match, but you’d better believe they’re all USDA Certified Organic. Join the ever-growing group of people taking the organic supplements route.

Supplements & Solutions

You don’t have to be in the 1%.

While only 1% of us are estimated to have Celiac Disease, which creates an extreme intolerance for gluten, more of us may be gluten sensitive. With the exception of our Pre & Pro-Biotics, all Nova Scotia Organics supplements and solutions are gluten free.

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Supplements & Solutions

Good for your gut.

Antibiotics can weaken the “good bacteria” in your small intestine, as can other medications and illnesses. You need hundreds of different microorganisms for good digestion and a healthy immune system. Our Pre & Pro-Biotics just might be the answer.

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Where to start? We’ve got ideas.

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What it means to be USDA Certified Organic

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