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All the ingredients you want. None of the herbicides, pesticides or GMOs you don’t.

Yes, you can do vitamins and minerals organically.

Your body is an amazing engine. And you don’t have to take short cuts to take charge of your health and wellness. We make it easier to cut out pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, synthetics and – good grief – irradiated ingredients.

All the vitamins and minerals we offer are USDA Certified Organic. None will put anything you don't want into your body.

Vitamins & Minerals

Goodness. Free from GMOs.

You’ll never find genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in any of our vitamins and minerals, supplements and solutions, or snack foods. Not one. Not ever.

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Vitamins & Minerals

Feel it in your bones.

The calcium in our vitamins and minerals comes from organic eggshells. Why, you may ask? Studies demonstrate that calcium derived from eggshell powder may be more soluble and easily absorbed than synthetic calcium. (And who wants to eat powdered rock anyway?)

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Our process even smells good.

Snap up a lab coat and peek inside

Believe it; we really are from Nova Scotia.

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