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Get to know Nova Scotia Organics.

It’s our privilege to be your partner in wellness.

The team at Nova Scotia Organics knows organic vitamins, minerals, supplements and snacks as well as anyone, anywhere. We hope we will earn your trust as a partner in taking control of your health and wellness goals.

In-depth interviews of our customers over the years (we’ve been in business for more than 20) reveal a number of overlapping motivations people have for taking vitamins and supplements overall, buying organic foods, and seeking organic vitamins and supplements:

  • A desire to protect their own health and that of their families
  • An objective to expose their children to the best nutrition possible to build the strongest minds and bodies
  • A goal of enhancing their health and wellness in a particular area, or to address a particular complaint organically
  • A desire for a longer life
  • Concerns about or aversion to synthetically created or processed food, and/or over-the-counter medicines
  • A need for to improve compromised health in ways that do not have detrimental side effects
  • A desire to tap into non-Western medicine or practices to compliment Western approaches and traditional medicine

The challenge for all of us becomes how to sort out which chemicals, growing practices, and manufacturing processes are potentially harmful (and which were deemed safe yesterday but have since been determined not to be). And what does “organic” really mean? That’s where we come in.

Short of going to the gym for you, Nova Scotia Organics has done much of the hard work, creating a USDA Certified Organic line of vitamins, supplements, and snack foods. Take time to read our labels and our product descriptions, but all you really need to see is our logo to know you’re getting the ingredients you want, and none of the herbicides, pesticides or GMOs you don’t.

Cheaper does not equal better.

Larger manufacturers struggle with USDA Certified Organics from a standpoint of cost-effectiveness. Many large 'natural' product manufacturers radiate their ingredients to eliminate bacterial contaminates, and to seal in a scary-long shelf life. It costs less than what we do, but it also costs them a USDA Certified Organic seal.

Nova Scotia Organics also prohibits genetically modified ingredients. No GMOs, period. Other manufacturers also add fillers to make a tablet or caplet the 'right size'. We don’t do that either. You can learn more about our process here, and how we feel about GMOs here.

We maintain the original principles and philosophies of our Founder and President, Nancy Smithers, to create and distribute USDA Certified Organic whole food/herb products, and to ensure the most densely nourishing natural health products available. You’re welcome!

Here’s a paper written by Nancy that explains her overall philosophy on whole food/whole herb manufacturing.

Nova Scotia Organics in Numbers

  • 300: Seaside acres making up the Nova Scotia Organics farm
  • 30,000: Square feet in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
  • 21: Years we've been in business
  • 11: Grants awarded to us by the Canadian government based on merit in:
    • Innovation
    • New product development
    • International trade expansion
    • Productivity
    • Worker's skills and techniques in manufacturing
    • Manufacturing excellence
    • Organic product research
    • Product testing rigor
  • 101: Organic ingredients used in our products and contained in our storerooms
  • 12: Countries from which we source USDA Certified Organic ingredients
  • 150: Average age of the sensitively restored antique farmhouses and barns that make up the Nova Scotia Organics farm
  • 1: Beloved llama mascot

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